Games for PC and Console Available in July

Elina Rudkovsky


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Video gaming is that very activity which will hardly become tiresome. The developers do their best to deliver updated versions, implement completely fresh ideas, and offer unbelievable opportunities. This July we access a wide choice of brilliant titles and some of them we are going to suggest you right now.

Dr. Mario World

Dr.Mario World game screenshot

Who does not know Mario? Everybody does. There are so many versions of the games with this popular retro character which appears relevant to our current preferences. This Nintendo mobile game is completely free. You will find here exactly what you want to get. It is a puzzle classic but with a brand new approach different from the original. You are suggested six viruses of different colors and a lot of playable doctors – each being empowered in a particular manner. There are the same pills, but they will move up the screen while in the origin they go down. And if you played the first one, it will take you some time to get used to the new format.

Tiny Metal: Full Metal Rumble

Tiny Metal: Full Metal Rumble game screenshot

This Japanese strategy game is particular with its distinct style aiming at lighthearted tasks. This title is just like we expect it to be. You will enjoy that classy cartoony look, equipped soldiers, oversized tanks, and more. Nothing looks as serious as it could be here. You will navigate a key character Commander Wolfram, who is in search of her brother. He must be somewhere in the Zipanese forces. If tactics games are your favorites, try this one to get a slightly different idea of this genre. Deploy units on the grid, move them into strategic positions, and win. You can also fight with the AI or get involved in wars with other armies online.

Blazing Chrome

Blazing Chrome game screenshot

Everybody tells that Blazing Chrome has a lot in common with the Contra. Let it be, but still, there are some differences which make us to pay our attention to this game. And of course, it is free compared to its analogue. This is a run-and-gun game where you will find yourself in a world controlled by evil computers. The people are exhausted, live in despair without power and resources. They survive only because they manage to hide from those cruel hunters. There are two key characters, Doyle and Mavra, whose mission is to fight those machines and save humanity. You are suggested to choose any character and play with your friend in co-op.

Dragon Quest Builders 2

Dragon Quest Builders 2 game screenshot

This sequel suggests to build various structures and create helpful items. You will navigate a character endowed with that rare capacity to build. You will be supported by A.I. friend, Malroth, while traveling around and helping to make life better. There is a ship for you to get to different remote areas. And if you want to call home, you can apply a port. Very soon, you will feel that that island you are located on is a desolate place which is not so easy to leave. There is no way out, and you start building and make this land flourish. In order to speed up the process, you are suggested to go for a quick sail to find someone who can help you. You will meet that mysterious Malroth supporting your efforts. Also, you are able to fly and move underwater. There is a mode allowing to invite up to four players to build cooperatively.

God Eater 3

God Eater 3 game screenshot

We are eager to see the Nintendo Switch version of this title. You will find here the same options and capabilities, allowing you to fight and communicate with other Switch owners. Be ready to hunt monsters and kill them in order to win and to get their power helping you to attack in a stronger way. There are tons of interesting weapons which we recommend to try out. In general, this is a speedy dressed in the sexed-up sci-fi anime genre. And do not forget, to enjoy the game, you are expected to master a wide arsenal of weapons.

Fruitful July

Usually, the developers do not like to make an announcement in early summer, but July becomes full of activity, and this year, we have a lot of new titles to diverse our gaming experience. We have described some video games available both on PC and consoles, hoping that the information will help you to navigate in that wide variety of choices. Be ready for even more discoveries soon.