Dr.Mario World is Made Available

Elina Rudkovsky


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If you are a fan of Mario games, get ready for the new release. Nintendo's smartphone game Dr. Mario World is already available. It is free and full of puzzles based on well-known Mario games. Here you are expected to match three elements of the same color, send pills against germs, and more. In other words, the game provides classic virus-defeating puzzle gameplay. Salute with cheers!


Dr.Mario World itunes app screenshot

Dr. Mario World was developed by three companies. The owner of this release title is Nintendo, of course, but it has worked at this project with third-party partners: social media company Line from Japan and the game development studio NHN Entertainment from Korea. When you see the game, you will agree that such collaboration proves to be rather efficient.

We definitely like the idea of multiple characters. Though, Mario and Luigi are also nice, providing some variety seems interesting to. In this game, Mario is not the only hero. When he has to catch a break, you can replace him with Luigi, Peach, Bowser, Yoshi, or others. But if you want to attract a new doctor, you will be required to pay 4000 coins or 40 diamonds. Every new character brings their own features and capabilities allowing to complete the mission faster. You can play two characters at a time if you think it is reasonable.

Well, this is a single-player quest with a multiplayer element. We gladly accept the idea of levels on the basis of the game. The player gets a particular amount of pills needed to solve puzzles. Pills float upwards — from the bottom to the top of the screen resembling contrariwise Tetris. You should match them to viruses in a match-three way, and kill those viruses. As a result, you are rewarded in accordance with a three-star system.

You are suggested to use a lot of controls of the touch system providing high accuracy. Choose any way to achieve the result which you think better. At the top left of the screen, there is the heart meter showing your reserve of energy. You are recommended to save those hearts for the next tough levels, but this, of course, must be your strategy. At level 20, you are suggested to play multiplayer. This is a separate mode.

You can download this product without any payments. The developer suggests to enhance the gaming experience with in-app purchases. You will get additional options and a lot of tools which help you to facilitate your way to victory.

Here you will face three virtual currencies, including diamonds which are known since Dr. Mario World and can be used to pay for a wide diversity of things. You can even continue on a level if you do not want to start again after the loss. It is possible to purchase more hearts — resources which you need to play but which run out if you make errors while playing. There is nothing new in these moments. Almost all free-to-play titles suggest the same system meaning that you can buy various bonuses if you are lazy enough to earn them. We would say that in Dr. Mario World Nintendo uses a “play as long as you want” model which is popular on the puzzle game market.

Wider Opportunities

Dr. Mario World is available on mobile devices with running iOS and Android operating systems. It provides a super environment for online matchmaking, and you can play as long as you have time to do it. It has not much of a story. It supports a versus mode being a fast-pace nice mode where you will complete the level faster. The game is a little bit different compared to the previous titles with Mario. In general, it is fun and addicting.
We recommend to try Dr. Mario World, but be careful. There is a danger that you will get involved so much that you will be lost in that world of payment methods.