FIA European Truck Racing Championship Waits For You On PS4, PC And Xbox!

Audrey Hansen


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This summer Big Trucks have arrived on almost every platform. PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch players can join FIA Truck Racing Championship Wait right this second. What new features & challenges do we get?

Shut up and Drive the Truck

FIA Truck Racing Championship authored by KT Engine, has been available since last July. And recently, the game has premiered on Nintendo Switch as well. The developers promise that they pushed the limits of what's possible in the genre. And your experience at driving one of these roaring monsters will be more thrilling than ever.

FIA European Truck Racing Championship gameplay

The game strives to bring you an authentic feel of partaking in ETRC — European Truck Racing Championship. This is the top event in the world's truck-racing discipline. The pinnacle of the heavy motor-sport, it features such models as Volvo White, Scania T143M, Phoenix Man, Ford Cargo, Mercedes-Benz 1450-S, and other iconic trucks. The stars of the show are piloted by Curt Goransson, Jokke Kallio, Steve Parrish, Slim Borgudd, and other drivers.    

What's on the Menu?

The challenge seems to bear even more realism now. You get:

  • Manual brakes/water cooling management;

  • Unpredictable and moody weather;

  • Improved driving physics with believable inertia;

  • 45 truck models from the likes of Mercedes and Volvo;

  • 20 official teams and pilots included;

  • Revamped visuals with damage effects.

Not to mention 7 authentic recreations of the ETRC tracks. Plus you get 6 extra circuits that mimic legendary COTA, Laguna Seca, Fuji Freeway, and others. The game includes 5 single-player and 5 multiplayer modes, as well as a split-screen local mode for two players.

Fire up the Engines

Looks like the team behind the project did a solid job. As solid as the metal, out of which the cabin of your roaring metal beast is made. If these big, brutal machines make you thrill, don't hesitate to sit yourself behind a virtual wheel of one of them. Join the gladiatorial battle of the biggest trucks and claim the victory!