New Screenshots of Final Fantasy 7 Remake Reveal Some Intriguing Details

Audrey Hansen


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Next year promises to be rich not only in releases of new games but also in updates of old ones. One such example is the upcoming launch of Final Fantasy 7 Remake in March 2020 by Square Enix that will follow new and more improved gameplay of Final Fantasy 7 released in 1997. This week, the developers shared several screenshots of characters, summons, and more. 

What to Expect From This Remake? 

Final Fantasy 7 Remake is a must-have game to try for all people who like an action role-playing genre. It tells the story of the original Final Fantasy 7 where you will assume the role of a Shinra soldier who joins the AVALANCHE eco-terrorist group and fights against the Shinra megacorporation. In addition to the familiar weapons and hand-to-hand techniques, gamers can use special abilities like magic. 

As we told above, this week, the developers revealed 20 new screenshots by looking at which you can see for sure that the Remake version will feature new elements that were not presented in the original game, including new characters. 

Are You Going to Play The Game? 

As it always happens, the most curious bandle of features will be revealed in the last month before the release. Therefore, we can only hold our breath and wait. Are you waiting for the Final Fantasy 7 Remake? Share your expectations with us in the comments below.