News about Stadia

Elina Rudkovsky


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Google Stadia is a cloud gaming platform operated by Google. The main concern with it is about publishers that can decide to exit the platform. What is about access to their games? Google insists that there are no issues of concern. The players can be sure to play the games they have bought on Google Stadia.

Some Important Issues

Google has revealed the above information in the current update to the FAQ about the service. It proves that buying a game on Stadia, a player gets the right to play it regardless of any technical issues. That means even if the game is removed from the platform, and other players cannot buy it, those who had a chance to purchase it before will continue enjoying playing it. Stadia will keep any bought title available for playing at the current moment.

There is another pleasant news. Stadia will support multiplayer titles, and now you can be involved in couch-based coops without obstacles. It uses BLE controller for setup, but you should have a WiFi connection to play. Though, if you prefer, you can connect the controller to a mobile device and PC using a USB cable.

Another moment to remember when you are trying to use Stadia is that it is available for the restricted number of devices. There is a list of compatible phones like Pixel 3 and Pixel 3a, or tablets with Chrome OS. The developer promises to improve this issue and to extend the offer devices. As to virtual reality, the company doesn't suggest VR support on the platform but doesn’t refuse such plans for the future.

And now to finish off, we would say that you can mention any email address when you create the account when signing up for Stadia. It is needed only for a redemption code. The service also allows buying codes as presents for friends.

Stadia Affords Ground

Stadia is a simple and direct way for the developers to reach a wide audience of players. You can access to its growing game library without any hardware and within Google infrastructures. The developer promises to provide a supportive background and friendly environment for both parts, and they get it right.