PS5: Cross-Gen, 120Hz Support and More Details Revealed

Elina Rudkovsky


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You won’t see Sony represented at E3 2019, but it doesn’t mean that the company has no exciting news. PlayStation 5 is undoubtedly something a lot of fans are looking forward to, and we have some details to share about the upcoming console.

What Can You Expect From PS5?

According to Sony’s SIE president, Jim Ryan, cross-gen play is one of the biggest things about PS5. What this means is that if you play certain games on PlayStation 4, you will be able to continue playing them on the new console. The backward compatibility wasn’t a thing previously, so it’s definitely great news for any players and will make the experience a lot smoother.

Another thing that we got to find out is that PS5 will support 4K visuals at 120Hz, which will cover players who use TVs with such support. If you are not sure what that means, 120Hz is double the refresh rate of standard TVs.

At the moment, the company is careful about making any announcements when it comes to the official release date as they continue to work on their console. Based on this, we can probably predict that it won’t be here soon. According to the developers, the experience offered by PS5, or whichever name will be given to the console, will be exceptional and much greater than PS4. The pricing is another aspect that we know nothing about, but the developers claim that it will be well worth its price considering all the improvements.