Choose Your Game Streaming: Google Stadia vs. Apple Arcade

Elina Rudkovsky


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Both Google and Apple understand the incredible popularity of gaming apps and definitely want to bring it to the next level. The companies are about to come out with their own streaming game services – Google Stadia and Apple Arcade. The combination of future 5G networks and high bandwidth will allow you to play games with almost zero lags and excellent graphics. In this article, we take a look at what is known about these gaming subscription services to help you make a decision.

What is the Cost?

Google Stadia on different devices

When it comes to Google Stadia, there are different pricing options that will apparently be available to players. Firstly, you can play games on Google Stadia for free when you buy separate games in 1080p resolution, but we still don’t know how much an individual game will cost.

Another alternative is using Stadia Pro that you can get for $10 a month. With this subscription, some games will be free while those with a higher resolution of up to 4K will have to be purchased. If you are already interested, there is an option to get a Stadia Founder’s Edition package that costs $130 and includes early access in November, 3-month Stadia Pro subscription, a limited-edition controller, and some more features.

At the moment, we are not aware of the definite price you will have to pay to use Apple Arcade. According to Apple, there will be no in-app purchases, and the service will be available as a subscription.

When the Services Become Available?

According to Google, the way to get the earliest November access to Google Stadia is to purchase the Stadia Founder’s Edition package. It should be mentioned that is if you want to play separate games without a subscription, this feature will be available in 2020.

At WWDC, we got to know that Apple Arcade will become available in 2019, which is exciting, but we still don’t know any exact dates. It can be speculated that we will know something after the launch of the iPhone 11 at the beginning of fall, which will make sense.

What do We Know About Controllers?

A controller is definitely on the line for Google Stadia. According to the company, there will be a controller for Stadia priced at $70, and it will connect to the service thanks to Wi-Fi. Those choosing the Stadia Founder’s Edition will get a controller in the package. It’s important to note that you will be able to use your controller.

During WWDC, we also got to know from the company’s CEO that Apple Arcade will support both PlayStation DualShock 4 and Microsoft Xbox One S controllers. It’s exhilarating to hear this about controllers that will also work on MacOS devices, iPhones, and Apple TV. There are more ways to explore the possibilities with this approach.

Which Devices Can You Use to Run the Services?

Apple Arcade on different devices

Just as you can imagine, Stadia will support the majority of modern smartphones. You will be able to run this service on Pixel 3 and 3A phones, in a Chrome browser, and on a TV synced to a Chromecast Ultra streaming device.

When it comes to Apple Arcade, it will be possible to run the gaming service on Apple TV, Mac, iPad, and iPhone.

Which Companies Will Develop Games?

The developers of Google Stadia are open to working with a variety of developers, such as ID Software, Ubisoft, and more. At the moment, we already know about a number of games that will run on Stadia, such as Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey, Baldur’s Gate, and some others. What is more, there will be games exclusive to Stadia because Google is about to open their game studio, but we still don’t know what to expect.

Apple Arcade has a different approach compared to Google Stadia. According to the company, all the games that you will be able to access with a subscription will be exclusive, and you won’t find them anywhere else. Apple is investing in the games in the process of their development and design, thus expanding its horizons. The games will come from a wide variety of gaming developers, such as Cartoon Network, Klei Entertainment, Giant Squid, Annapurna Interactive, Bossa Studios, and much more.

Two Appealing Services to Choose From

At this point, it is still quite early to make a final decision on what service to choose because we don’t have all the necessary information. It seems that Apple Arcade will be a perfect fit for occasional players and those who enjoy indie games. Another great thing about the service is its support for PlayStation DualShock 4 and Microsoft Xbox One S controllers. When it comes to Google Stadia, it will be beneficial if you are into console games. With more details coming up, you will definitely be able to choose between the two.