Trophy Reveal & Other Top PS4 Lifehacks

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PS5 release might be just around the corner. Rumor has it that the deadline has been set for 2020. Although no specific date has been given yet. Nonetheless, PS4 has a few relatively unknown, but useful tricks. And if you adopt them, your gaming life may drastically change. Follow our guide and get the best you can from your precious black box!

1. Trophy Reveal — For Hardcore Collectors

Reddit has recently discovered this trick. It has earned thousands of upvotes and vehement interest from the PlayStation community. As you know, information on some trophies is purposely hidden — it's done to avoid pesky story spoilers. To check the

Trophy Reveal, do this:

  • Pull up one of the pages dedicated to a certain trophy;
  • Hit the square button.

hidden trophy screenshot

All the info regarding details and terms for getting the desirable trophy will be instantly browsed. These parameters are included by default:

  • Grade. Bronze, Silver, Gold.
  • Rarity. A chance percentage to encounter a trophy.
  • Status. Earned/Not Earned.
  • Earned Date. The day and time when you conquered it.
  • Details. What should be done to get it.

The feature that caused an uproar on Reddit is actually old. It was introduced somewhere in 2016. But millions of gamers never suspected it was a legit thing. Or maybe never bothered checking it even if they saw the prompt in the menu. Because you know, Hidden Trophies are hidden.

an achievement from The Final Station
Here's an achievement from The Final Station

Details category is surely helpful. However, its prompts seem quite laconic, like "shoot a bird," "get an armadillo armor," "hijack crimson BMW E24 M6," etc. In case you feel you don't get enough details or the set goals are too vague:

  • Press the Options button;
  • Select Search Online.

Web results for a given trophy will be shown. Which means there will also be a few exhaustive trophy guides with pictures and videos. By the way, this feature can be applied to all types of achievements. Happy trophy hunting!

2. Shockingly Cool DualShock — Let's be Bright?

The settings menu has concealed gems as well. First of all, you can tweak your DualShock light system. There are options for brightness and dimness likewise. If you prefer playing in the dark, leave it unchanged. But if saving some battery life is your priority at the moment, try "Medium" or "Dim" settings. To achieve that:

  • Go to Devices menu;
  • Select Controller Settings;
  • Play with brightness.

This way you can transform your DualShock from a shimmering controller to a miniature night light.

3. Remapping Controls — Say no to Unintuitive Clutter

There's also a way to adjust control mechanics to your individual gaming style. And what's even better, it can be done for all the games you own. You won't have to tweak controls in every single one! Just go to the Accessibility menu and select Customize Button Assignments.

Customize Button Assignments

4. Zoom in/Zoom Out — For Those who Don't Like Glasses

Another clever feature you could benefit from is zooming. If you push PS and Square buttons at the same time, the PlayStation screen will zoom in. Of course, it's not something to be exploited regularly. But if your eye-sight is a bit weak and you forgot to put the glasses on — the trick will assist you. The thing can be done in the Accessibility menu as well.

5. Screenshotting — Capture What You Need

Apart from shooting gang rivals in GTA 5 or the walking corpses and marauders in The Last of Us, you can also shoot the screen. (Not literally, though). Press & hold the Share button to make a screenshot. Press it twice, and the console will begin recording a video clip.

Additionally, if your press & hold the Share button, you'll be directed to a menu where you can make screen capture controls much easier. E.g., change Press & Hold to just Press, and a screenshot will be made via a single button tap — marvelous!

The features will help you capture an in-game map with all the important notes, a hilariously stupid comment by one of your friends in the chat room, and other handy/memorable stuff.

6. Screen Navigation— Down With the Home Screen

There is also a smoother way to switch between two recent screens while you're in a game. Simply:

  • Push the PS button twice;
  • You'll be automatically redirected to the recently opened app/game;
  • Tap the PS button once to go to the home screen.

After you do that, you can switch between two recent screens by double-tapping the PS button. Easy, quick and time-saving.

8. No More Notifications — No Corruption of Interruption

If you have a battalion of pals who also play PS4 games, you know how quickly pop-ups with their nicknames can become an eyesore. Especially if you're about to go on a TV show binge or something. To banish them temporarily/for good:

  • Go to Settings;
  • Select Notifications;
  • Open Pop-up Notifications.

There you can disable all of them, or select only those you actually want to see. You can arrange them to your liking, and no pop-ups will ever interrupt your movie/series times.

More Stuff to Discover

So far, these are the top tricks that PlayStation 4 has up its sleeve for us. Let's dig in and find more nifty tricks to make console experience more intuitive. And also to upgrade to the Power Gamer status. Monitoring PS4 Reddit thread is one of the options.

But who said you couldn’t roll up your sleeves and do some fun experimenting on your own? Besides, if you know any PS power-tricks, feel free to share them in the comments